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(01904) 414444 supplies a vast range of high quality student housing and accommodation in York, from ten bedroom city centre properties to one bedroom studio flats close to campus all with a variety of different tastes and budgets in mind.

It is likely that this will be your first time renting a property away from home and we know that the process can appear to be quite daunting if you do not know what to expect. With this in mind we have prepared some general advice and a step-by-step guide to make it easy to rent a student property in York from For further guidance please download and read the How to Rent guide .

First and foremost, it is essential that you work out who you intend to be living with during the next academic year. It may be that you choose to live with people from your first year accommodation, friends from your course or a combination of both. This is important as it will impact the number of bedrooms that you will require.

Once you know who you will be living with, you can begin to narrow down your search for a student house. You can browse properties on our website by searching for the number of bedrooms that you require, and by proximity to a variety Universities and Colleges with the option to enter a postcode of your choosing. You should also consider the level of amenities required such as the number of bathrooms or en-suite bedrooms.

You should look though our listings and choose a number of properties that suit your requirements, as many as you feel may be of interest. Each available property will have a ‘Book Viewing’ button on the page. One of your group needs to create an account on our website to be able to book viewings. You should discuss between your group times and days when you will all be available to view houses. To make sure that you are all comfortable with what you have seen, it is essential that all members of your group attend. We recommend that you book to see properties at fifteen minute intervals to ensure that you have enough time to reach each house. We can offer free transportation between properties for viewings. You will need to select the transportation option at the point in time when you make the booking. If you need to change the time or date, you can log back into the website, go to your viewings list and update. A representative of or the landlord will be showing you around.

When you have found a property you are interested in, you should confer with the rest of your group to make sure that you are all happy with the choice. If you are all agreed, the next step is to come to our office and sign the tenancy agreement. If one or more of your group does not feel comfortable doing this then you should not ask for a tenancy agreement. Give people as much time as they need to make a decision, and make sure you have all seen the property that you wish to rent and a variety of other properties too so that your decision is an informed one. Remember, a tenancy agreement is legally binding and once you have signed you will be held to the terms within the agreement including any rent, deposits and fees to pay. When you’re all sure you want to go ahead, all members of your group need to be registered on our website including any home address (not term time), email address and telephone. You then all need to come to our office at the same time to sign and take the property of the market. We only cease advertising when the tenancy agreement is fully signed by all tenants.

There will usually be nothing to pay up front, however you should check this before you sign the contract. All tenants must pay a non-refundable Administration Fee of £60 each within a maximum of forty-eight hours of signing the agreement. Usually there will be a deposit of £300 per tenant, also to be paid within two weeks. The deposit amount can vary though, and some properties require no deposit so you should also check this before you sign. All money due against the tenancy including fees, deposits and rent will be displayed on the back.

A guarantor is somebody who will sign to pay your rent in the event that you default on a payment. Usually this will be a parent or guardian, and they will usually need to own their own property. We recognise that students will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and family situations, so if you feel unsure or need any further advise as to who can be your guarantor please ask a member of staff before you sign the tenancy agreement. You will be expected to arrange for both your guarantor and yourself to sign the guarantor form within two weeks of signing the tenancy agreement. Your guarantor will also need to provide a copy of a document containing proof of signature; this could be a driving licence or passport. They will also need to supply a copy of a document containing proof of address, such as a utility bill. All of this will need to be submitted within two weeks of signing for a property.

Tenancy administration fee - £60 (vat included) per tenant per agreement - Becomes payable upon production of a tenancy agreement.

Standard Deposit - £300 per tenant – Refundable subject to no rent arrears or damages, the amount may vary depending on the property

Tenancy Drop-Out Fee - £120 This fee is payable when a replacement tenant has been found by the tenant dropping out and a new tenancy agreement has been created with the replacement tenant.

Late Payment Fee - £12 (vat included) per tenant – Due upon late payment of any Rent, Deposits, Administration Fees or late submission of Guarantor paperwork

Call out charges for replacing lost keys - £25

Unreturned keys - £30

A number of our properties are suitable for people with disabilities requiring easier wheelchair access and ground floor facilities such as bathrooms and bedrooms situated on the ground floor. Many landlords are willing to consider reasonable adaptations to their properties to make them friendlier for disabled people, please contact us for further details on which of our properties may be suitable for your requirements.

As a student tenant of an property, you will be expected to follow and adhere to the points outlined here